Improved security in Machu Picchu and Inca Trail

Tuesday March 12, 2019
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The local government in Cusco wants to improve the security in Machu Picchu and during the Inca Trail and will invest in security cameras. Thanks to an agreement between The Ministries of Culture and Environment, Service of Natural Protected Areas, Machu Picchu Municipality and Peru’s National Police it is possible to do this.

The first step in improving security is the installation of cameras along the Inca Trail. Several cameras will be places on critical places, and at the starting point and the end of the trail.

The organisation has hired High Mountain Rescue Units to choose the best and most critical places to install the cameras.

According to the head of Machu Picchu historical Sanctuary, Ernesto Escalante Valencia, this first phase will be completed this month.

Each day 500 hikers hike the 43km Inca Trail from Piscacucho to Machu Picchu. During this trek, tourists cross different archaeological monuments such as Llaqtapata, Warmihuañusca, Sayacmarca, along the road and see beautiful, breathtaking views.

The main goal of improving the security in Machu Picchu and along the Inca Trail is to ensure the safety of any tourist who will visit the beautiful and unique area in Peru.

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