Important Event in Arequipa: Hay Festival

Inmportant Event in Arequipa: Hay Festival
Thursday December 10, 2015
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Thanks to Hay Festival, Arequipa will stand out as international events hosting-city, Peru’s Foreign Trade and Tourism Magali Silva Velarde-Alvarez announced.

Silva, who also serves as Promperu Executive Council Chairwoman, indicated the said meeting will put the White City’s beauty on display by allowing visits to its nine compounds, among them the Municipal Theater and Basilica Cathedral. “We expect attendees to enjoy not only the historical Center, but also the Yanahuara Boardwalk, Colca Valley, its renowned gastronomy and cultural manifestations such as the Wititi dance recently declared as an UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage,” she underlined.

This international gathering will accelerate Peru to major international event destination. Likewise, the city will gather world-class intellectuals who will be joined by Peruvian representatives.

It must be noted the Hay Festival started in a major metropolis of Wales In 1988. It gathered Nobel laureates, intellectuals and renowned personalities. Since the 1990s, this event has taken place in different locations across the world. Before this year, Colombia and Mexico had been the only Latin American countries to host this meeting.

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