Hundreds of sea lions dead along Peruvian coast

Hundreds of sea lions dead along Peruvian coast
Monday November 24, 2014
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Along the Anconcillo beach, in Northern Peru, hundreds of sea lions have been found dead. It is not clear yet what happened to the animals. Environmental officials of Peru and regional police forces are investigating the matter. Possibly the animals were sick or ate trash, although there are people that accuse fisherman of poisoning the mammals.

Since the rotting corpses are a health hazard, they have all been removed from the beach. A report has recently been released by The Sea Institute of Peru saying the ocean’s conditions are abnormal and the natural distribution of marine organisms has changed. For example the decline in anchovies caused huge seabird mortality and also dead sea lions.

Earlier in November hundreds of dolphins, bird and sea lions showed up dead along the coast of Piura. This case is also under investigation.

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