Humanitarian aid was delivered to the areas high in the Andean mountains

Humanitarian aid was delivered to the areas high in the Andean mountains
Thursday July 14, 2016
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The National Civil Defense Institute of Peru sent humanitarian aid to the residents affected by frosts in the mountains in the Tacna region.

The delivered aid included over 27 tons of food and almost 5,000 blankets. These supplies were handed over to the regional authorities for immediate distribution among the citizens of the Pachia, Palca, Tarata and Susapaya districts.

The National Civil Defense Institute has 25 warehouses located throughout Peru. In these warehouses they store humanitarian aid products to be able to assist people in times of need, emergencies and disasters caused by natural phenomena or caused by humans.


The Peruvian minister of Agriculture and Irrigation has announced a state of emergency in the inner areas of Peru. This state of emergency will probably be prolonged to reinforce assistance actions in the areas hit by the cold weather in Peru.

The minister is trying to declare a state of emergency in other districts in Peru as well because of their need for additional resources.

Regional governors applied measures to be able to successfully handle low temperature situations in order to avoid duplication when providing aid and to get to the areas that got hit the hardest by the cold weather.

More and more areas in Peru are being hit by the severe cold weather. This extremely cold weather is expected to continue until September.

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