Huaraz to Host Yearly Extreme Sports Festival

Huaraz to Host Yearly Extreme Sports Festival
Friday June 30, 2017
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Starting later this week, the Peruvian city of Huaraz will begin hosting their yearly extreme sport festival. This festival, known as the Andismo Festival, will begin on Wednesday and go until the 2nd of June.

This annual event generally includes a variety of different extreme sporting events, as well as different cultural events. However, the most well-known event of the festival is the aerothon, a three part marathon that incorporates biking, cross country skiing, and paragliding.

This event first began in June of 2011, as a way to showcase the different adventure sports of the region during their peak season. Since that time, the festival has hosted more and more tourists from all over the world each year.

The region of Peru that Huaraz is located in is called the Alley of the Huaylas. Formed by the cordillera blanca and the cordillera negra mountain chains, the valley that separates them has become a hub for outdoor adventure enthusiasts, with Huaraz as their launching point.

This year, the event will include a film festival, different bands, as well as talks on how climate change will affect the region´s glaciers.

For more information, visit the event´s Facebook page.

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