Harvard University will analyze Peru´s Lady of Cao

Harvard University will analyze Peru´s Lady of Cao
Wednesday August 31, 2016
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Harvard University has decided to analyze the first female ruler of pre-Colombian Peru, otherwise known as Lady of Cao.

The purpose of this research is to determine if this woman was related to the other people found in the tombs, perhaps the bodies of the priests, maidens, or guards.

There were six other people found buried with the Lady of Cao, and they will also be analyzed at Harvard University.

The samples have already been taken from El Brujo site to Harvard University to undergo tests. Their findings will be available by 2017.

Furthermore, an agreement is on the verge of being formed between the Wiese Foundation and Harvard University, which will allow for further research of similar sites over the next five years.

Harvard looks to partner with National Geographic for the financing of future excavation of areas, such as the Temple of Cupisnique. Research in this area will give insight to the architecture and construction methods of the ancient peoples.

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