Great year for the Andean Quinoa

Great year for the Andean Quinoa
Wednesday November 19, 2014
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Quinoa seems to be a genuine superfood. Not just because of its great nutritional value but also because of its remarkable performance in the international markets this year.

Between January and September the Peruvian quinoa exportation has grown 222%, according to Gestión. Comex Sunat reports that the Peruvian quinoa export totaled US$ 141 million during an 8 months period in 2014. The biggest importer is the United States, with an amount of US$ 74 million. After the USA, Canada imports a mere US$ 14 million worth of the native Andean quinoa.

Bolivia is still the “the top quinoa exporter” with earnings of US$ 146 million, reports Comex Sunat. But because of the implementation of the Olmos irrigation project, the expectation is that Peru will have an even greater increase in production and exportation in 2015.

In Peru Puno, where 41% is produced, followed by Arequipa (17.3%), Junin (12.0%), and Ayacucho (11.9%) are the regions with greatest quinoa production.

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