Granadillas Go to the Netherlands!

Granadillas Go to the Netherlands!
Monday May 23, 2016
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In an area in the Tulumayo Basin, there is an organization called the Junin-based Agricultural Producers Association is a major exporting source of sweet granadillas. Because of the export program called Sierra Exportadora, the Junin-based Agricultural Producers Association is going to begin exporting its famous granadillas to the Netherlands.

Sierra Exportadora will partner with Peru-based Indigo Foods and Nature´s Pride, which is a supplier of produce in the Netherlands. In addition to providing a means of transport, Sierra Exportadora aided producers in the harvesting and packaging of the granadillas.

Just last weekend, the first shipment of granadillas was sent from the Association´s location in Peru to the Netherlands. The President of Sierra Exportadora, Alfonso Velasquez, declared that the granadillas were transported from the Association to a warehouse in Calloa, and then onto its final destination in Europe.

In 2015, Peru exported $98,442 worth of sweet granadillas. With an increase of exports from year to year, Peru looks to capitalize on this opportunity. Its target countries are the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Canada, Thailand, France, the United States, and Spain.

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