Gold Medal for Peruvian Vodka Made of Native Potatoes

Gold Medal for Peruvian Vodka Made of Native Potatoes
Friday May 03, 2019
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14 Inkas, a vodka brand from Peru, won a gold medal in London during the international competition of The Vodka Masters 2018 for the best micro-distillery.

The winning vodka 14 Inkas is made with native potatoes from Peru and is the first one in the world made with potatoes. The British magazine The Spirit Business promotes the international competition of The Vodka Masters 2018. Furthermore, the business also received a gold medal at the Wines and Spirits World Contest in New York, USA.

The international contest takes place every year and recognises the distilleries with the best quality in the world. There are different categories: organic, standard, premium, base of vodka-fruit, micro-distillation, etc.

14 Inkas is a business with vodka of high quality. The winning vodka is made with native potatoes, certificated because they are grown biological and grown by small farmers in Peru’s highlands.

According to Omar Cosio, general manager of Destilería Spirit the vodka is unique. Cosio also says that Peruvian people should be proud of the country and its native potatoes that exist in more than 3000 species. Finally, he announced that next year they want to position the company in other Latin American countries such as Colombia and Chile.

The list of all winners of Vodka Masters 2019 will be announced in the magazine of The Spirits Business. For every edition, there are more than 13 000 copies; the website is visited by more than 400 000 visitors every month, out of 150 countries.

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