Gastronomy Arequipa One of the Best of South America

Gastronomy Arequipa One of the Best of South America
Tuesday October 16, 2018
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Gastronomy Arequipa One of the Best of South America

CNN Travel has recently published a list with the best food destinations in the world. And one of the destinations on the list is the Peruvian city of Arequipa. Arequipa, also nicknamed ‘the White City’ is praised for its distinctive food, which is a blend of Peruvian food and food from elsewhere.

To wit, Arequipa’s gastronomy is a fusion between centuries-old pre-Columbian recipes, the ones of the Incas and later with the ones of Spain as well. This means that the cuisine got its influence from many different sources, which is a surprise for the taste buds for sure!

This food it is eaten in traditional ‘picanterias’, a typical restaurant for people in Arequipa. However, Arequipenians do not see this places as just places to eat. They treat the authentic picanterias as a kind of sanctuary that is guarding Arequipa’s rich, authentic and special culinary heritage.

Typical food from the white city of Arequipa includes stuffed chili peppers named rocoto relleno, a potato cake (pastel de papas) and a special soup made of crawfish: chupe de camarones. Also, due to its proximately to the sea, there is a lot of fish to be eaten in Arequipa. Don’t miss out on the Trucha de la Plancha or the Ceviche during your stay in Arequipa!

The delicious and traditional food is often accompanied by a jar of Chicha Morada, which is a typical non-alcoholic drink from Peru. This drink is made from purple corn, pineapple, lemon, and herbs. For the people that prefer to drink alcohol with their dinner, there is a beer brand from the White City, called Arequipeña.

However, Arequipa isn’t the only foodie destination in South America. Silpancho in Bolivia, Patagonia In Argentina and Feijoada in Brazil are also included in the list of CNN.

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