Foodies take interest in Peru

Foodies take interest in Peru
Tuesday January 26, 2016
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National Geographic has researched the best cuisine all over the world, and Lima, Peru was one of the top destinations on the list!

In the past few years, gastronomy in Peru has really begun to make large strides on an international scale. Many foreigners come to Peru and look forward to taste testing the cuisine that is becoming ever-more popular. Chefs such as Pedro Miguel Schiaffino and Gastón Acurio are bringing more and more fame to Peru as they combine Peru´s culture with it´s delicious flavors.

Some foods that Peru offers are plates such as fried guinea pig, empanadas filled with lomo saltado, and ceviche. There are also dishes that are typical of the Amazon, such as snails in sofrito. Peru also has some famous beverages that tourists always adore. Chica morada, made of purple corn, pineapple, cinnamon, and sugar, comes from Peru´s historical roots. Pisco, the most popular alcohol in Peru, makes the best Pisco Sours and Chilcanos.

Peru also offers classes to educate foreigners on its most famous dish and drink, ceviche and the pisco sour. Tourists can do taste tests while learning about the history of these delicious traditions. Not only does Peru boast of rich historical cuisine, but it also combines these traditions with other cultures, which is seen with ´Chifa´, a combination of Peruvian and Chinese food.

Peru, specifically Lima, offers spectacular cuisine that brings new flavors and experiences to people from across the world.
Travelers in Cusco can attend Peruvian cooking classes combined with Spanish lessons at Amauta Spanish School in Cusco.

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