Food Critics React after the Gastronomy Event in Lima

Food Critics React after the Gastronomy Event in Lima
Tuesday April 19, 2016
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On April 12th and 13th, the 1st International Gastronomy Congress took place in Lima. The Senior Editor of Food Inspiration offers his opinions on the burgeoning subject of food, not only in Peru but on an international level.

Frank Linder, the Senior Editor, asserts that food is becoming more political. He insists that by looking at ingredients, portion sizes, preparation styles, etc, that much can be said about what´s going on behind the scenes in a country´s politics.

Even a person´s lifestyle can be pinpointed by observing the food that they eat and the restaurants that they choose. Gastronomy can tell a lot about a person, ranging from cultural to ethical themes.

Previously, governments were more worried about obtaining a sufficient quantity of food rather than their current worry of sustainability and food health. With these new factors, gastronomy is becoming a widely ranged subject.

It will be interesting to see how the theme of gastronomy continues to grow and develop in the coming years.

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