Five reasons to visit Peru in July

Five reasons to visit Peru in July
Wednesday July 11, 2018
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Five reasons to visit Peru in July

July is the month when Peru celebrates its independency from the Spanish crown. For this reason, the infamous Peruvian El Comercio newspaper wrote article listing 28 reasons to visit Peru. We chose only four, and we’re sure these will make you want to visit the Inca country.

  1. Culture
    Unesco, organism in charge of identifying and protecting natural and culture sites has chosen twelve places in Peru that everyone should visit: Machu Picchu, city of Cusco, Huascarán National Park, Chan Chan, Manu National Park, Sacred visit of Caral, Abiseo River National Park, Nazca, Pampas geoglyphs and lines of Jumana, Historical centre of Arequipa, Historic centre of Lima, and the Andean road of Qhapac Ñan
  2. Peruvian Food
    Peru was chosen, for the sixth consecutive year, as the best culinary destination in the world, World Travel Award 2017. That’s no surprise because of the diversity of ingredients and flavours in the country. Even though the ceviche is the most iconic dish, Peruvian gastronomy has different flavours from all 24 regions.
  3. Peruvian Drinks
    Besides the delicious food, you have the drinks, and the most celebrated is the pisco, whose production reached 10 million litres last year. Apart from the infamous Pisco Sour, you can drink a chilcano, algarrobina cocktails, chicha de hora.
  4. Beaches in Peru
    Peru hast 108 beaches, which make 3080 kilometres of coast. In every of them you will find something special. For example, Cañete hast “Cerro Azul”, which has the first solar lighthouse in America”. In the north, you have Punta Sal, Órganos, or Máncora, the later nominated as the best beach destination the best adventure travel destination leader in the 2018 World Travel Awards.

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