First religious tour in Cusco!

First religious tour in cusco!
Thursday June 06, 2019
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The Imperial City of Cusco organised the first religious tourism tour, during the last two weeks of May, with more than 3000 tourists and locals participating. The tour included a visit to the amazing Cathedral Basilica and the City Hall Convention Center and furthermore certain academic and cultural events.

This special tour took place during the last two weeks in May because it is the Museum Month in Cusco. Tourists, Peruvian families and even local families wanted to learn more

about the culture and identity of Cusco and their inhabitants.

The organiser of the first religious tourism tour in Cusco is the Archbishopric of Cusco itself. According to the Archbishopric, this a cultural event that gathers specialists from all over the world together in cultural-artistic heritage, museums and history.

Not only cultural events were part of the religious tour, but there was also a concert included in the Cathedral of Cusco from the Symphony Orchestra of Cusco. More than 6000 people have enjoyed nice melodies. Teatro Experimental Universitario Qosqo is a theatre group at the San Antonio Abad University. They are performing experimental theatre at the principal church of Cusco.

Almost 2000 visitors attended the tour and learned everything about the Inca Garcilaso de La Vega and its life and contribution, the 1650 earthquake chronicle, and the origin of the devotion to Taytache de los Temblores or translated in English the Lord of the Earthquakes, and many other things.

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