First Pisco College in Europe, Belgium

Tuesday March 12, 2019
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Pisco, the famous Peruvian drink, is more than only a drink. Every Peruvian feels Pisco is a culture, lifestyle and history. Soon Pisco will also win the heart of Belgium.

To make the famous Pisco even more popular, Peru’s Foreign Trade and Tourism Ministry and the Trade Office based in Belgium, have launched the first “Pisco College” in Brussels, Belgium. The main goal of those colleges is boosting the internationalisation of the Inca country’s drink.

Besides promoting Pisco, they also want to teach and train other beverage sales directors, international competitions juries and bartenders about this incredible alcoholic beverage.

The classes include background information about the origin and the history of Pisco. After the theoretical part of the training, the participants learn more about the technical side of Pisco. They will get an explanation of the grapes that are used, where the production sites are, the different types, the distillation process, a network session of Pisco and how to use it correctly.

Pisco College is becoming more popular in Belgium. So far, 120 Belgian students took part in the classes, and they will graduate in April 2019. When they graduate, they will be the first to receive the “Pisco Connoisseur” diploma. Furthermore, the students who will graduate will be important promoters of Pisco. They will expand the popularity of Pisco in Europe and give Belgium an amazing experience when tasting Pisco.

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