First ‘Peru Travel Fair’ huge success

First ‘Peru Travel Fair’ huge success
Friday October 26, 2018
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First ‘Peru Travel Fair’ huge success

The first Peru Travel Fail, which is organized by the National Chamber of Tourism, or Canatur, was a huge success. More than 120 tourism companies from all over the country have participated in this event, which celebrates tourism all over Peru.

The event was held in the Peruvian capital Lima on the 17th of October. Before the fair, it was expected that the event would generate nearly 2 million Peruvian Soles (which is approximately 600.000 US Dollars) because of the business deals that would be made. This goal was reached easily, as more than 2000 people visited this fair and more than 750 entrepreneurs from the tourism industry came to sell their products.

These entrepreneurs come from different disciplines in the tourism industry, such as airlines, hotels, restaurants, travel agencies and suppliers. There were also a few public organizations present, such as the regional governments from famous tourism destinations.

The Canatur stressed the importance of including innovative ideas to improve the Peruvian tourism industry. These ideas should be beneficial for all stakeholders. This could be done by offering discounts or special offers for customers during the Peruvian travel fair.

Also, special lectures were given by officials who could help managers, travel agents and experts in the tourism industry profiling themselves in a way that attracts tourists. This all could help to develop tourism in the old Inca country in a way that it is beneficial for everyone.

Lastly, the exhibition has covered different topics concerning the environmental, social and cultural impacts on tourism destinations. Currently, the country faces some of these impacts. At Machu Picchu for example, tourism is damaging the cultural heritage, and some Andean regions have to do with water shortage due to tourism.

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