First National Digital Library introduced in Peru

First National Digital Library introduced in Peru
Friday May 04, 2018
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First National Digital Library introduced in Peru

Since last week, the first national digital library in Peru provides users of the application with 2,800 books. All books can be read for free.

According to the spokesman of the National Library of Peru, the library comprises books of different genres like social sciences, administration, literature, mathematics, gardening as well as self-help. Providing books on different topics, the library can be utilized as if it were a newspaper.

The digital library will help to eliminate reading gaps and to enhance reading comprehension of the elderly, but also in schools. To use the application people have to download it either for their tablet or smartphone. After the registration process, all books are available and one can even write comments and highlight sentences.

The app is not just available for Peruvians but can be used by people from all over the world. However, the application only provides books in Spanish. In addition to traditional books, the app also offers audio-books for people with sight problems.

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