The First Luxury Sleeper Train in South America

The First Luxury Sleeper Train in South America
Friday March 03, 2017
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Following the Belmond Hiram Bingham Luxury Train, the high-end hotel and leisure company Belmond Ltd. will soon launch its second luxury train: the Belmond Andean Explorer.

This year, starting on May 4th, the Belmond Andean Explorer will take its guests on an unforgettable travel adventure in Peru. The guests will be enjoying the most beautiful views of Lake Titicaca, in Souther Peru, and the Colca Canyon, on their way from Cusco to Puno, and from there to Arequipa. It is also possible to start the journey in Arequipa, to Puno and then to Cusco.

Travelers in Peru with a good budget will be able to choose from four distinctive tours:

2 nights, three days: Cusco – Lake Titicaca – Arequipa
This train departs every Thursday morning.

Two nights, two days: Arequipa – Lake Titicaca – Cusco
This journey starts every Saturday night.

One night, one day: Cusco – Puno
The train departs every Thursday night.

One night, one day: Puno – Cusco
The journey can be started every Wednesday afternoon.

The price will be approximately cost from $ 475 per person for a one night journey, and this includes all meals, an open bar, and some excursions.

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