First Charging Points Electric Cars in Peru

First Charging Points Electric Cars in Peru
Wednesday April 04, 2018
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First Charging Points Electric Cars in Peru

Around 400 stations could be placed in Peru along the Pan-American Highway which would assure the mobility of people throughout Peru.

According to Wilson Monteiro, general manager of the automation company ABB, the installation of charging points could bring on the granting of bonds which would then possibly increase the purchase of electric cars.

Raúl García Carpio, the Peruvian vice-minister of Energy, announced on the Efficiency Technologies Fair in Lima, San Borja that by July 2018 the government will put into effect a law that fosters the purchase of electric cars.

The charging points are another step towards reducing carbon dioxide emissions. On the 9th of March Peru already declared the arrival of the first electric bus.

Peru possesses enough energy for charging points because the capacity in the country is 12 gigawatts and the demand is 6 gigawatts. As soon as all people use electric cars the consumed energy will be reduced to 3 to 4 gigawatts.

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