Fire Breaks Out in Lima Shopping Mall

Fire Breaks Out in Lima Shopping Mall
Tuesday November 22, 2016
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On Wednesday, November 16th, a fire broke out in a Peruvian shopping mall called Larcomar. The fire killed four people and injured many.

Larcomar is a shopping mall in Lima´s district of Miraflores. In addition to various shops and restaurants, it has a movie theater on the lower level of the mall.

It was in this movie theater that the fire broke out. Officials believe that it started due to failure in the electrical wiring of the theater.

Specifically, it is believed that there was a short circuit in the electrical system of one of the rooms, after which a fire erupted and spread to the adjacent rooms.

The areas most affected by the fire were the theater itself, a few other stores, and the parking areas.
Various journalists were in the theater to preview the new movie, ´´Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.´´ As of now, four people perished in the fire. Officials have declared these victims to be theater workers.

Investigations are still ongoing, and 40 people are set to be questioned, starting with various staff members of the theater. The shopping mall has been closed until officials have finished with clean-up and further investigations.

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