Festival of the Virgen Asunta of Coya

Festival of the Virgen Asunta of Coya
Friday August 07, 2015
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The festival of the Virgen Asunta takes place next week on the 15th of August. And as Peru continues work to honor and preserve its cultural heritage, it has been announced that among others, the festival of the Virgen Asunta has been declared a national heritage. It is been given the title as it involves the whole population of the district of Coya, who express profound devotion to the festival, which in turn strengthens community ties.

The origins of the festival of the Virgen Asunta can be traced back to 1753 when three images of the virgin were sent from Spain one for each of the three towns of Coya, Calca and Pisac. It is a religious celebration that takes places in Calca from the 14th to the 17th of August, the main day of the festival being the 15th. During the festival there is a precession of three images of the Virgin Asunta followed by 27 sets of traditional dances.

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