Festival Highlights Special Peruvian Breads

Festival Highlights Special Peruvian Breads
Tuesday September 12, 2017
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Cookies filled with soy and the so-called “Pan Pachacútec”, were some of the products that were offered during the “Festival leaves with bread and sweet”, that took place from September 8-10 in La Molina.

The festival, organized by the Peruvian Association of Entrepreneurs of Bakery and Pastry (Aspan) highlighted the presence of the bakery of the Peruvian Navy, with its famously large Pachacútec bread measuring 40 cm long and weighing 250 grams. It also featured the participation of the “John Pan” Bakery of the Special Education College John Paul II that supplied its delicious biscuits with soy fillings, soy bread, and biscuits with oats among other delicacies.

10 bakers from different regions of Peru were featured at the festival offering loaves from different regions, including sweets from Lima like mazamorras, arroz con leche and picarones as well as the warm breads, fresh from the oven.

Pio Pantoja, president of Aspan, reported that whole families were able to taste a wide variety of breads at the event, such as breads prepared with Andean cereals that help in the fight against colon cancer.

There was also an abundance of Tanta, Wawa, the Cebada breads and an extra emphasis placed on healthy breads for school lunch boxes.

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