Festival de Vicuñas in Peru

Festival de Vicunas in Peru
Tuesday June 23, 2015
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This week, the Chaccu National 2015 or the Fiesta de la Vicuña will be held in the Pampa Galeras National Reserve, that hosts the biggest population of vicuñas in Peru.

One of the objectives of the festivities is to seek protection and to promote the conservation of the camelid.

Once the vicuñas were used for production of cloths of the elite Incas and they were capture by the ancestaral “Chaccu”, technique: a big group of people would corral the vicunas and storn them to use the fur. Afterwards they were released back in nature.

The festival has become a iconic symbol of the regional culture and the vicuna itself and it has been attracting more visitors and travelers in Peru every year. Dances of the Ayacucho region can be seen as well as ceremonies to Pachamaca, Mother Earth.

There is also a tour to teach the visitors about the programs in Pampa Galeras. The Festival takes place on June 23 – June 24th.

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