Female Entrepreneurs in Peru Look to Alleviate Poverty

Female Entrepreneurs in Peru Look to Alleviate Poverty
Thursday March 16, 2017
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Three female entrepreneurs are looking into new ways to help alleviate poverty across Peru through a myriad of unique ventures.

One of these entreprenuers, Vania Masias, is a dancer. Her organization has created schools across Lima for impoverished youth to come and train to become professional dancers. Furthermore, she hopes to change the way professional dancing is perceived in Peruvian culture by demonstrating that the arts as a viable career path.

Another female entrepreneur is Isabel Mendel. Mendel runs a company that provides families without an established sewer connection access to dry toilets.

Maria Costa Checa is the third entrepreneur. After she saw a need for more trained professionals in Peru, she started a school for women in the tech sector.

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