Fast Recovery Expected for Asparagus Crops in Northern Peru

Fast Recovery Expected for Asparagus Crops in Northern Peru
Wednesday April 12, 2017
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A fast recovery is expected for the asparagus crops in northern Peru. The recent floods that devastated this part of the country have also done a lot of damage to the region´s crops, including asparagus.

The asparagus crop is very important crop for the Peruvian market, especially as an export. Robert Schueller of the American company World Variety Produce reports that his company gets most of their best asparagus from northern Peru.

Despite the conditions, the demand for Peruvian asparagus is still high. Asparagus is very popular in restaurants and is becoming more prevalent in a variety of different dishes.

However, the industry remains optimistic that the crops will see a fast recovery. The reality of this will be seen in the next 45 to 85 days.

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