A Fantastic Food Festival in Tumbes, Peru

A Fantastic Food Festival in Tumbes, Peru
Tuesday November 08, 2016
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A fantastic food festival recently took place in Tumbes, Peru, where thousands of locals and tourists gathered to partake of countless typical Peruvian dishes.

This was the 12th event of the food festival called ´´Peru, Mucho Gusto,´´ and was held in Tumbes, Peru for the second time. The festival began on November 4th and lasted until November 6th.

The event was originally founded in 2006 by the Peruvian government in order to promote gastronomy and tourism in Peru. Specifically, Peru wants to increase tourism and collaboration with its neighbor Ecuador.

The Tourism Promotion Director of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Marisol Acosta, asserted the importance of this event: ´´The fair also seeks to generate tourist flow in these three days. It will contribute to dynamizing local economy, integrating regions and spreading knowledge about other Peruvian destination.´´

The event took place at Alberto Terranova sports center. About 17,000 people attended the festival, and approximately 1,700 of these attendees were Ecuadorian.

Over 50 typical Peruvian dishes from numerous different regions were served at the event, with samples costing between $2 and $4.

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