‘Extinct’ animal rediscovered in Machu Picchu

'Extinct' mammal rediscovered in Peru's Machu Picchu
Thursday October 02, 2014
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A team of scientists from Peru and Mexico discovered recently a living mammal that was supposed to be extinct for almost 400 years. They found the animal close to Peru’s famous Machu Picchu. The rediscovered animal has the suitable name Machu Picchu arboreal chinchilla rat.

Until before, everything they knew about the species was linked to a couple of skulls found in Incan pottery in 1912.

They believed the species was extinct until they photographed in 2009 a mammal that seemed to be a Machu Picchu arboreal alive. After a long search, the scientists were able to discover a living one, which confirmed that the species actually never was extinct.

In Conservation Biology they call this type of rediscoveries the Lazarus effect, after the Biblical character.

This is not everything. The group of scientists believe they discovered as well at least six new species: another mammal, a lizard and four frogs.

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