European Starbucks now selling coffee from Cusco region

European Starbucks now selling coffee from Cusco region
Tuesday June 16, 2015
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Coffee is an important export in Peru. Last year it was worth an amazing US$ 739 million to the country. That number will surely grow as deals such as these take place. The product which is called, ‘Starbucks™ Origin Espresso Peru Cusco’ will be on the shelves in more 2,000 shops throughout Europe.

The coffee is grown in the Quillabamba area in the south of Cusco region. It is made with Arabic beans which are grown at about 1,600 meters above sea level. It was described by the Peruvian Minister of Tourism, Magali Silva, as “…a balanced coffee, with a proper sour taste. Experts claim it features a touch of almond flavor. Likewise, it is ideal to drink it pure or milk-mixed.”

Starbucks also sells coffee from the Amazon region of Peru ‘Starbucks Reserve Peru Amazonas’. It is grown by the Aprocoyce cooperative based in the Huayabamba valley. This cooperative consists of 250 small coffee farms.

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