The end is in sight: El Niño is soon to decline

The end is in sight: El Niño is soon to decline
Tuesday March 22, 2016
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The National Study of the Phenomenon of El Niño (Enfen) has announced that El Niño is entering its declining stages.

However, just this past week intense rain in Piura has destroyed more than 850 family´s homes. Enfen admitted that heavy rain could continue in these regions, but their predictions have ensured that El Niño is indeed decreasing intensity.

Predictions assert that there will be a heat wave in March and a cold wave in April, when the ocean´s conditions will reach their normal state.

As last Saturday marked the first day of Fall, the National Service of Meteorology and Hydrology announced the expectation of higher temperatures. Regions should be experiencing temperatures of a few higher degrees than normal throughout the month of March.

Although Enfen makes these predictions, they insist that rains will continue in certain regions of Peru (central and southern) with El Niño´s usual force.

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