Elimination of the Schengen visa sparks thousands of Peruvian travelers to Europe

Elimination of the Schengen visa sparks thousands of Peruvian travelers to Europe
Tuesday May 17, 2016
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This past March, the Schengen visa requirement was eliminated for Peruvians. This means that Peruvians only have to have their passports and a few other documents in order to enter Europe for 90 days.

The process is much easier; countries merely ask Peruvians to prove that they have enough financial stability to travel through Europe and sometimes ask for confirmation of hotel/residence. It is also made very clear that it is prohibited to work during their time in Europe.

So far, only a few people have been turned away at migrations. Officials hope that this number will remain low.

This has caused the number of Peruvian travelers to Europe to increase immensely. In fact, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs declared that just in this past month and a half, 21,982 Peruvians traveled to Europe.

Statistics show that most Peruvians have traveled to Spain, followed by the Netherlands, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Finland, Norway, and Austria.

With the elimination of the Schengen visa requirement and the introduction of biometric passports, Peruvians find themselves with an unprecedented opportunity for travels throughout Europe. Both Peru and Europe alike will benefit from the expected increase in the sharing of culture and customs.

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