Efforts to save the burning Amazon Rainforest

Monday September 09, 2019
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For three weeks, fires have been burning the Amazon rainforest. This poses serious consequences for the rest of the world as Amazon produces approximately 16% of the world’s oxygen. This crisis of the burning Amazon rainforest has sparked an international discussion and call for action, especially among Peru and Colombia.

Peru and Colombia will work together to improve commitment to the rainforest’s health. The head of state, together with Ivan Duque—president of Colombia-, confirmed that they are meetings to implement policies that will protect the rainforest from deforestation and natural disaster. The agreement is called the Joint Presidential Declaration of the Presidential Meeting. It is the 5th Binational Cabinet held in Pucallpa (Peru), an eastern city in the rainforest. The Binational Cabinet establishes a system that allows political dialogue between different nations with the aim of achieving distinctive goals.

The agreement will also encourage other Latin American countries to form a pact to secure Amazonians protection.

Furthermore, this collaboration will also work to promote justice concerning the relationship between indigenous and formal communities.

In May, Peru committed 140 million U.S. dollars to protect the 38 nature preserves that cover about 17 million hectares. This was done with support of the Peru Natural Heritage Program, an organization that seeks to ensure the wellbeing of national parks. The money will be used to create monitoring teams as well as create monitoring strategies, and include more people in the management of the parks.

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