Dolphin fossils in the desert-Was Peru covered in water in earlier ages?

Wednesday September 10, 2014
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Recently a team of paleontologists found fossils of three dolphins in the desert lands of Pisco, Peru. Scientists believe that the area may have been covered in water in earlier times. The scientific Journal Vertebrate Paleontology has published a study that assumes the fossils belong to a new species and are related to endangered river dolphins living in the India rivers the Indus and Ganges. The found dolphins do not show a relation to any other known river dolphins.

The name of the newly discovered species is Huaridelphis raymondii. They are named after the Huari culture of the south-central Andes and coastal area of Peru.Also the name refers to the late scientist from Italy, Antonio Raimondi. He found whale fossils in Peru in the 19th century.

A lot of marine life treasures have recently been found in Peru’s southern regions. It is likely more fossils will be found soon. Giovanni Bianucci, an author of the study published in the scientific journal, says “Considering the richness of the fossil localities recently discovered, other new extinct dolphins from the same geological age will certainly soon be found and studied”.

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