More details about first Peruvian empire thanks to Wari ceramics

More details about first Peruvian empire thanks to Wari ceramics
Monday May 20, 2019
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The archaeological complex of Wari, located in Ayacucho, consists of a set of ceramic pieces. The complex is situated 25km northeast of Andean Ayacucho City. The set reveals important information about the first imperial state of Peru, the Wari civilization. This start was the basis of the development of the Inca Empire. Furthermore, the site is believed to be the capital of the complex.

The lead researcher at the Wari complex and archaeologist, Jose Ochatoma, explained that the images on the ceramics are revealing the start of Wari and that they are linked to Huarpa and Nazca cultures.
The images represent animals and products from the sea such as fish, octopus and seaweed. Researchers also found similar iconography of the Nazca culture. This means that this culture influenced Wari cultures.

According to Ochatoma, the artefacts need a long restoration and dedication because there are artefacts in all sizes. Studies of the Wari culture reveal that the ceramic artifacts used to be destroyed for rituals. Some stones that were used to break the ceramic were found by archaeologists. That’s why it is so difficult to restore the artifacts.

Furthermore, there are also stages of cultural development present at the complex. They are present in the order and superposition of the constructions.

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