Despite Floods Peru Sees Growth in Agricultural Exports

Despite Floods Peru Sees Growth in Agricultural Exports
Monday May 08, 2017
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Despite the floods that devastating the country earlier this year, Peru has seen growth in their agricultural exports. This is largely because the Peruvian government has been trying to rebuild and keep up with the current demand for agricultural exports.

Last year, Peru´s agricultural exports totaled 5.5 billion in US dollars. If current trends continue, this number will come to 10 billion by the end of this year.

Moreover, all of these predications have been done with the acknowledgement that much of Peru´s cultivatable land is still not being used. While Peru has over 4 million hectares of land available, only 4% is actually harvested on.

According to the Association of Peruvian Farming Products, agricultural exports are predicted to double by the year 2021.

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