The Demand for Guinea Pigs increases

The Demand for Guinea Pigs increases
Tuesday April 26, 2016
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The National Institute of Agriculture Innovation is a research team that is dedicated to improve guinea pigs in the countries of Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Colombia.

Not only are countries in South America interested in this endeavor, but Africa has also expressed interest. Cameroon and the Democratic Republic of the Congo are planning to host events on food security, and Peru has been invited to said events.

The lead research of the National Institute of Agriculture Innovation, Lilia Chauca, has asserted that numerous governments have requested information from the research center.

Some research has been done on the Peruvian guinea pig. There are three types of pure bred guinea pigs: the Peru, Andina, and Inti lines. They are in the process of crossing the aforementioned pure bred lines to create other types of pure bred guinea pigs.

These specific types of guinea pigs have a high meat yield, reproduce well, and grow faster than other lines. For example, these guinea pigs reach a weight of 1 kilogram in 46 days, whereas it would take an ordinary guinea pig 160 days.

The value of this animal is ever-increasing, which is proven true by Africa’s increased interest in raising guinea pigs for both family life and food supply.

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