Cusco expects to welcome 3 million tourists in 2018

Cusco expects to welcome 3 million tourists in 2018
Wednesday September 05, 2018
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Cusco expects to welcome 3 million tourists in 2018

The region of Cusco expects to have welcomed over 3 million tourists by the end of this year. This is the result after a calculation by the Cuscuenian Directorate of Foreign Trade and Tourism, or in short: Dircetur. This includes both national and international tourists.

Cusco has already welcomed nearly 2 million visitors between January and July 2018. This is an increase of approximately 10%; the head of the Director couldn’t be more proud. Both the Peruvian ministry of tourism and the Director has supported the tourism marketing of the region of Cusco, and the marketing strategy pays off. It is expected that this tourism trend will continue next months. The ultimate goal is to get 3.4 million tourists in Cusco by the end of 2018.

Who visits Cusco?

Most overland tourists in Cusco are from South America. Europe, Asia, and the United States take the biggest share in arrivals by plane. This is mostly due to the increasing amount of flights arriving at the airport in Cusco. Over 25 flights land at Alejandro Velasco Astete Aeropuerto each day.

What to Visit in Cusco?

It is hard to think about Cusco without thinking about the old Inca capital Machu Picchu. 90% of the visitors of the region of Cusco visit Machu Picchu. The historic center of the city of Cusco also receives more and more tourists every year. A relatively new attraction is the Rainbow Mountain, which works as a magnet for sporty travelers.

All in all, there is something in Cusco for all kinds of travelers. There is an intriguing culture in the cities, and there is stunning nature in the surrounding mountains. Cusco is for everyone!

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