Culinary Exchange Set between Peru and Australia

Culinary Exchange Set between Peru and Australia
Thursday March 16, 2017
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A culinary exchange between the countries of Peru and Australia is set to take place this year. The government of Australia has created the Bilateral Youth Chef Exchange Program (BYCEP), which will allow chefs from the two countries to exchange techniques and ideas by swapping places of work.

Chefs from the Peruvian restaurants Astrid & Gastón and Central will exchange places with chefs from the Australian restaurants Quay and Bentley.

The project manager of BYCEP sees this as a great opportunity not only for cultural exchange, but to strengthen the relationship between the two countries. Of this, he says, “Through this experience, chefs could become culinary ambassadors because they are acquiring other culinary perspectives and they can use it when they go back to their home countries.”

The exchange will occur from March to May.

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