Congress to Question Mayor of Lima over Mural Destruction

Congress to Question Mayor of Lima over Mural Destruction
Friday March 20, 2015
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The mayor of Lima, Luis Castañeda Lossio, has been summoned by the Peruvian Congress to appear before a committee for questioning over the recent destruction of 15 murals in downtown Lima. The vote to bring the mayor before the committee was unanimous.

Mayor Castañeda began the campaign to paint over the murals in early March, beginning with one of Tupac Amaru. Since then 15 murals have been erased to much out-cry from the artist community and political progressives.

Congress has yet to release a date for the committee questioning. Mayor Castañeda will be questioned along with alderman Marco Miyashiro Arashiro who was quoted as also supporting the decision to paint over the murals. Congressman Jonny Cárdenas Cerrón called for the committee review. The Committee on Cultural Heritage will also be looking into the issue as the murals were commissioned by the administration of the Municipality of Lima itself.

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