Colca Valley stays the most popular tourism destination of Arequipa

Colca Valley stays the most popular tourism destination of Arequipa
Friday October 05, 2018
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Colca Valley stays the most popular tourism destination of Arequipa

The Colca Canyon has been Arequipa’s main tourist attraction for years already. However, due to a rapid increase of tourism arrivals, the canyon has strengthened its position as a most-visited tourism destination in this region. To wit, the valley received nearly 20% more tourists between the months January and September of 2018 compared to the same months last year. So far, the Colca Canyon has received nearly 225.000 visitors this year, compared to last year’s 180.000 visitors.

According to the Manager of the Colca Autonomous Authority (Autocolca) David Valdivia, this has multiple reasons. The main reason was the variety of activities and celebrations around the canyon this year. For example, the celebration of Arequipa’s foundation attracted many tourists to this region. Also, the Holy Week and Peru’s Independence Day were a reason for more tourists arrivals to the region around Colca.

Tourists have multiple reasons to visit the Colca Canyon, but the principal motive for tourists to make a trip to the canyon is the intriguing condors that fly around here. These giant birds cannot be found anywhere in the world. Besides, the nature in the canyon is just stunning.

If the Colca Canyon carries this upward trend through, it is likely that the canyon would receive over 300.000 tourists in total in 2018. This would be a new record for this region as well, as past years the site drew between 200.000 and 250.000 tourists in total.

This positive trend is also the result of the extensive promotion of this area, executed by AutoColca. The main goal for the promotion is to attract more people from both Peru and foreign countries. So far the campaigns pay off, which has a positive influence on the locals living around the canyon. Tourism creates jobs and a chance to exchange culture all around the world.

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