CNN has chosen Peruvian Doctor as Hero 2018!

CNN has chosen Peruvian Doctor as Hero 2018!
Friday December 14, 2018
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CNN has chosen Peruvian Doctor as Hero 2018!

The CNN Hero of the Year Award has been handed out to the Peruvian doctor Ricardo Pun-Chong this year, due to his great effort in social work and to make the world better for everyone.

CNN praises Pun-Chong for his hard work to organize basic needs to children and their families: while the kids receive treatment in the hospital, the family members receive free housing and meals.

This is especially important because in Peru many families go from the secluded rural parts to the bigger cities, such as Lima, Arequipa, and Cusco to get treatment. However, a trip to the big cities often already costs a fortune, which means many families do not have money left to pay for a hotel. As a result of this, many end up sleeping on the floors of the hospitals.

The Peruvian doctor does this all together with his self-funded organization Inspira, and he has helped nearly 1000 families in Peru since 2008. The families are not only offered a temporary home, but also sufficient personal space, which they would lack on the hospital floors.

Fortunately for Pun-Chong, the award does not only contain praise. Besides, the doctor will receive 10.000 US Dollars because he made it into the top 10 and an additional 100.000 dollars because he won the contest. This money can be used well to develop his company Inspira to help even more Peruvian families.

In his speech, the doctor explicitly thanked all the volunteer workers that helped him over the past ten years. The money he won will be used to make a new shelter for the families and to hire even more helpers.

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