Cities most visited in Peru last weekend

Cities most visited in Peru last weekend
Tuesday July 03, 2018
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Cities most visited In Peru last weekend

According to the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (MINCETUR), around 760 000 Peruvian people traveled for this long weekend. Lima was the most visited city in the country.

From Friday, June 29 to Sunday, July 01, the festivities of San Pedro and San Pablo are celebrated in Peru. Holidays like these make people travel, which results in economic impacts, in the case, around $70 million US dollars.

Lunahuaná, in Lima, was the most visited city, followed by La Libertad. The third most visited region was Cusco, for its many tourist attractions, and tied by Piura, desired for its blue-watered beaches and warm weather.

The Whit City of Arequipa was also visited, along with Ica and its Huacachina lagoon.

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