Cholita the real life Paddington is freed from captivity

Cholita the real life Paddington is freed from captivity
Tuesday September 08, 2015
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After a 3 day journey across Peru Cholita the 25 year old spectacle bear, who has spent nearly all of her life in captivity in a circus in northern Peru, has been rehoused in a custom built enclosure in the Tambopata reserve in the Amazon Cloud Forest – the natural habitat for Spectacled bears.

When the organization Animal Defenders International (ADI) found Cholita she was in a very bad condition, she had her fingers cut down to stumps to remove her claws and her teeth were broken, she had also lost all her black fur due to the stress of living in a small cage with no company.

After running a campaign to raise money for her rescue Cholita was nursed back to health with a healthy diet and medicine for her arthritis, then ADI were able to have an enclosure built for her and arrange transport across Peru to her new home. She shared the journey with other animals rescued from the Circus: Mufasa the puma, James the Military macaw (who travelled in a car), woolly monkeys Rojas, Joan and Diego and spider monkeys Pepe-Lucho and Lily.

The next step is to rescue 3 more spectacle bears who are in urgent need of a new happy home, it is hoped that Lucho, Sabina and Dominga will be companions for Cholita who has been isolated from her own kind since she was likely captured from the wild as a baby.

You can see pictures of Cholita´s journey here:

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