Chinese Voters List Peru As Best Destination for Birdwatching

Chinese Voters List Peru As Best Destination for Birdwatching
Wednesday December 05, 2018
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Chinese Voters List Peru As Best Destination for Birdwatching

The country of Peru has been listed in the Infinite Discovery Awards 2018. This ranking includes winners in various categories regarding exploration and discovery. The ancient Inca country has been included due to its win in the classification of Best Birdwatching Destination. This has been announced by the Peruvian Exports and Tourism Promotion Board (Promperu) in November.

The awards show took place in China’s largest city Shanghai. In the Symphony Orchestra Concert Hall, the host Jonathan Scott handed out a total of twelve awards in the various category, among which was the award for best country to spot birds. Scott himself is a prominent biologist and wildlife photographer in Africa. Also, he is the show host of the British tv-show Big Cat. However, Scott isn’t the only member of the jury. The rest of the jury is composed of other travel experts and wildlife photographers from National Geographic Magazine.

Winning an Infinite Discovery Award is very important for countries. Infinite Discovery is the biggest Chinese travel agency specialized in nature-focused travels. The majority of Chinese tourists prefer to travel with the help on an agency and thus the inclusion in the list is good for the promotion of Peru as a tourist destination. Thanks to the award, people won’t only see Peru as a cultural destination, but also as an upcoming natural destination.

Birdwatchers are an important target group for the Peruvian tourism industry, as they tend to spend almost 3000 US dollars in the country during their stay. This is a good sign for the local economies of the places where most bird spotters go: The Ballestas Islands and the Amazone. These destinations could use the money to improve the tourism infrastructure so that they can welcome even more travelers.

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