Cerro Chepen: New Attraction along Ancient Moche Circuit

Cerro Chepen: New Attraction along Ancient Moche Circuit
Wednesday August 23, 2017
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Cerro Chepen, a beautiful mountain and prosperous city of merchants and farmers located at kilometer 700 of the Panamericana Norte at the crossroads that connect Trujillo and Chiclayo, will now be part of the ancient Moche tourist circuit on Peru’s north coast.

The circuit, which connects Trujillo with Chiclayo and is only 20 minutes from Pacasmayo, is perfect for tourists who can spend the night in their hotels by the sea. The visit to the “fortress” of Chepén can be done in the same day as a visit to San José de Moro (located only 4 kilometers away), where tourists can check the progress of the amazing archaeological excavations.

This past May, local communities and municipalities worked together to mark the coundaries of and protect the Cerro Chepen fortress, an archaeological monument that dates back to the late Moche period around 100 to 700 AD.

Cerro Chepen is significant because it functioned as a trading post between the Moche and Cajamarca cultures centuries ago as well as a strategic location and defensive post to be prepared in times of war.

A cable car project is in the works for Cerro Chepen, just like the archaeological site of Keulap in the Peruvian jungle.

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