Celebration Tupaykanakuy 2019 in Apurimac with dancing and singing

Wednesday March 20, 2019
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The Carnival of Tupaykanakuy took place on Saturday, March 16. Tupaykanakuy is a meeting of families: in total, about 400 000, from Apurimac, Ayacucho, Arequipa, Cusco, Iquitos, Ucayali and Huancavelica participate in the event.

The party of carnivals is still very lively in the towns of different provinces of Peru. This Tupaykanakuy event took place in the San Jeronimo district, located in the Apurimac region.

People are dressed in traditional Peruvian clothing and sing and dance to the rhythm of “huayno”, a folkloric Peruvian song. The event started with a parade of 140 troupes.

Part of the carnival celebration is the Atipanakuy: a competition between leaders and members who will face one another. The competition is about dance, music and art; the instruments used are the quena, inks and rattles.

Kacharpary takes place on the last day of the carnival: Kacharpary is celebrated by cutting a big tree ( “yunza”). People dance around the decorated tree and try to chop it down. Locals and participants of this event bring their trees to the place where they live. Many single young men take advantages of the celebration. They flirt with girls and fall in love with them.

Besides dancing and singing, there is a great variety of typical Peruvian foods in the area; it can also be called a culinary festival. Here you can enjoy typical and traditional foods from Peru like cuy (guinea pig), atajo, stews based on beans, short cut and quinoa and seasonal fruits.

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