Thursday December 18, 2014

Peru has announced that work on the Gaseoducto Sur Peruano (GSP) gas pipeline is underway and that the pipeline soon will be a reality. The government agency responsible for contracting the project, ProInversion, made public in June of this year that a partnership between a Brazilian construction company and a Spanish natural-gas transportation company had won the bidding competition to build the line. Their partnership, called Gaseoducto Sur Peruano which gave name to the pipeline, will help to bring natural gas to the cities of Cusco, Apurimac, Puno, Arequipa, Moquegua and Tacna from the gas fields of Camisea in central Peru. (more…)

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Bodies of Dirty War victims returned to Peru

Wednesday October 29, 2014

The remains of victims slain during Peru’s Dirty War three decades ago have returned to Peru. Hundreds of family members, small farmers that came from the remote mountains, arrived in Ayacucho to receive 80 sets of remains. The bones of mothers, fathers, wives, children and brothers were bore in simple white coffins.

Some of the victims were accused of collaborating with Guerrillas and killed by soldiers; others were slain by Shining Path rebels.

Since 2006, forensic teams have been trying to retrieve victims (more…)

New law in Peru to protect Andean Condors

Friday June 13, 2014

A new law has been passed by the Peruvian government that has to protect and conserve the Andean condor.

The Andean condor is a large black vulture that has a wingspan of up to 3.2 meter that lives in the Andes Mountains and the bordering Pacific coasts.

The bird is a national symbol in Peru, as well in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia and Ecuador.For the Incas the bird was a messenger to the gods that brought every morning the sun into the sky.

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature these giant birds are threatened by habitat loss (more…)

17-year-old Peruvian working with Facebook

Wednesday June 04, 2014

Michael Sayman Gálvez is a teenager from Miami who has Peruvian and Bolivian parents. His mom was born in Callao, located right outside Peru´s capital, Lima. Twenty years ago she immigrated to the United States and now his parents run a Peruvian restaurant in Miami.

Michael began his genius creations at just the age of thirteen, when he designed the application 4Snaps. In just a matter of days it was one of the first on the reference list and it soon climbed its way to the top, taking the number one slot in the AppStore.

Peruvian world champion boxing Linda Lecca

Tuesday June 03, 2014

The Peruvian Linda Lecca – also known as “Triple L”- became the champion of the World Boxing Association (WBA), after she secured a 10-round unanimous points victory over Simone da Silva from Brazil, the former world champion.

The fight was held at El Cancherin de Huarochiri sports arena in Peru on Friday night, May 31. Before the right, “Triple L” confirmed that she was ‘obsessed to win this fight”and that “The only thing that I have on my head right now is the world title.”

Lecca gained her first world title as she defeated her Brazilian opponent (more…)

Demetrio Tupac Yupanqui is Honored for His Contribution to the Quechua Language

Thursday May 29, 2014

In Cusco, Peru, one of the most interesting components of this city, is its preservation of the Inca culture even after the Spanish conquistadors. However, with each year the customs, culture, and language fade just a little bit more. The Peruvians know the importance of keeping their traditions alive. That is why Demetrio Tupac Yupanqui was recently awarded the “Noble Gentleman of the Order of the Incas”. He is responsible for translating one of the most important works of all Spanish literature, Don Quixote, into the native language of the Incas, Quechua. His important contribution in 2005 to this indigenous language was recognized by the Council of the Four Incas (more…)

Veteran Peruvian Claudio Pizarro extends contract with FC Bayern!

Wednesday May 28, 2014

Claudio Pizarro – nicknamed EL Bombardero de los Andes – has renewed his contract for another year with FC Bayern, till 30 June 2015. “I’m very proud to play for FC Bayern again next year,” said Pizarro. “For me, there’s no better club in the world.”

With 176 goals all-told, the Peruvian Pizarro (Lima, 1978) is the highest-scoring foreign player in the history of the Bundesliga.

Another season like 2013/14 could even see him break into the top five, moving ahead of Ulf Kirsten (182), according to the website of the Bundesliga. (more…)

Lima Seeks to Protect Older Structures in Case of an Earthquake

Tuesday April 08, 2014

Lima, the capital of Peru, attracts travelers from all over the world as it is the largest and most modern city in the country. Nevertheless, it still maintains many of its historical buildings and archaeological sites. After last week´s frightening earthquake in Chile, Lima is now checking the stability of its older structures in downtown Lima. Lima is a city on the coast and is very prone to earthquakes. In 2007 an 8.0 magnitude quake hit the region of Ica, just 300 kilometers below Lima and it killed about 200 people. The city in order to protect its people and structures are taking measures to prepare for an earthquake. (more…)

Peru Makes it out Fine with Last Night´s Tsunami

Wednesday April 02, 2014

All of us here in Cusco, Peru are thankful to be well and fine after last night´s scare. It was a frightening evening for Chile and other coastal parts of surrounding countries as an earthquake of 8.2 magnitude struck the northern part of Chile at 8:46 p.m. So far there have said to be a total of six people who have died in Chile from this tragic event, and it is claimed that all deaths were caused by heart attacks or being crushed by debris. The earthquake was just the start of this terror, as it triggered a tsunami, small landslide, and cut off power in the northern coast of Chile.

Peru brand billboard in NY’s Times Square

Thursday January 23, 2014

For the second year in a row, the Peru brand logo “Marca Peru” was in a big billboard in New York’s Time Square, to promote new and famous tourist destinations in Peru.

Three giant screeens displayed short parts of the documentary “Recordarás Perú” (You will remember Peru) and were watched by over 1 million visitors of the Times Square area.

The Peru brand logo shined out by showcasing the way Peru’s sights, people, and culture have a lasting impact on visitors. (more…)

Chilcano Week in Peru till January 19th

Wednesday January 15, 2014

From January 10 till January 19th, Peru is celebrating the fifth Chilcano Week. “Chilcano de Pisco” is a popular cocktail in Peru – not as famous as Piso Sour but still very nice .

Interesting fact is that no one really seems to know where Chilcano comes from, nor, what the word Chilcano actually means.

According to some, ‘chilcano’ comes from the town of Chilca, in the province of Lima. Chilcano is used for people or things originating in Chilca.

A new summer distraction has opened in Lima: Evenpro Park

Wednesday January 15, 2014

According to Peru this Week, Evenpro park is a traveling amusement park that opened on Jan. 1 and will be in Lima until March 10, 2014.

It includes 30 different rides imported from the United States by sea, of which half are meant for adults and the other half, for younger kids.

The park promoters promise complete safety. “The machines won’t even turn on if the safety locking arms on the seats aren’t firmly attached. If there is a power outage, the machines come down using gravity. The word ‘accident’ does not exist in this park” (more…)

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