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Friday March 06, 2020

Current Situation Corona Virus in Peru

**UPDATE March 13th

The Peruvian Government on Thursday night agreed to suspend the arrival of flights from Europe and Asia to strengthen the measures aimed at preventing the coronavirus (COVID-19) from spreading in Peru.

**UPDATE March 12th

A special protocol was applied to passengers from Italy, Spain, France, Japan and China, including a forced self-quarantine of 14 days for everyone arriving in planes from those countries. To prevent the spread of the virus in Peru, passengers arriving from these countries are taken directly to special boarding lounges with health-care and immigration services

The President of Peru postponed the start of classes in all public and private schools to March 30, and a budget of 100 million soles has been designated to the Ministry of Health to strengthen prevention systems.

67% of Peruvians are very concerned that the coronavirus is already in the country, according to surveys conducted by Activa at the national level between March 6 and 9 of this year. 79% of Peruvians strongly agree or agree that massive events such as concerts, soccer games, fairs, among others, should be cancelled. Likewise, 43% of Peruvians have been frequenting fewer places with a high influx of people

UPDATE 6 March, 2020

On March 6, 2020, The President of Peru, Martin Vizcarra, confirmed the first case of the Coronavirus in Peru. The patient is a 25-year-old who had traveled in Europe including Spain and France. As of March 6, there have been no confirmed deaths.

March 5, 2020

Here is some good news for our travelers from Peru: so far, out of 107 COVID-19 samples that have been tested in Peru, all came back negative, according to Omar Trujillo (more…)

Latest Travel News

Protected area destinations to visit in Peru

Thursday February 20, 2020

There are several National Parks in Peru that are well worth a visit. Those natural areas are highly recommended opportunities to visit especially if you want to be surrounded by sacred energy. Below you can find five beautiful places that are worth to visit if you strive to be in nature.

Paracas National Reserve

Location: Paracas (Ica region)

Paracas is in the Ica region where you can’t only find amazing marine life but you can learn about the history and look for unforgettable adventures as well. (more…)

National Geographic: Machu Picchu one of most important archaeological sites

Thursday February 20, 2020

The worldwide renowned magazine, National Geographic Traveler has ranked Machu Picchu as one of the must-see destinations worldwide. It also highlights the mystery about the place that stays unsolved.

The enigma of the usefulness of the stone construction has carried on, and the extraordinary location of Machu Picchu contributes to the global guesses.

Academics are still trying to reveal more evidence to the mysteries hidden in the Andes. Machu Picchu seems to lie in the middle of a network of connected sites and trails. (more…)

Peru’s Amazonia & northern beaches promoted in Luxembourg

Thursday January 30, 2020

The stunning beaches in northern Peru and Amazonia were advertised at Vakanz, the tourism fair in Luxembourg, where 30,000 people attended, and 200 exhibitors participated from all over the world.

PromPeru, the Exports and Tourism Board, promoted tourist attractions in Peru, specifically the Amazonia and the beaches in the north.

Lex Delles, the Minister of Tourism in Luxembourg, also participated at the fair and tasted traditional Peruvian dishes and Pisco, Peru’s national drink.


Peru’s safe tourism strategy wins award in Spain

Thursday January 30, 2020

The “Safe Strategy” for visiting Peru wins an award in Spain.

Peru’s “Safe Tourism” national strategy improved by Mincetur (the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism) gained the Travellers Awards in Spain due to its superiority to assuring tourists a safe journey in Peru.

Periodista Digital, the Spanish media outlet granted the prize and handed it to Edgar Vasquez, the foreign Trade and Tourism Minister, who participated in Madrid at FITUR 2020 (more…)

Puno expects 60,000 tourists during Candelaria festivity

Thursday January 30, 2020

The region of Puno is prepared to celebrate the Virgen de la Candelaria festivity. It is one of the most fascinating celebrations in Peru.

The leading day of the Candelaria Festival is the 2nd of February, but the activities continue until the middle of the month.

In the meanwhile, the festival will feature a lot of dancers and musicians in fancy clothes.

The Regional Directorate of Foreign Trade and Tourism believes that Puno will receive more than 60.000 visitors who will participate in the Virgen de la Candelaria festivity. (more…)

Peru: 4.4 Million Tourists in 2019

Thursday January 30, 2020

Peru increased the number of tourists in the year 2019 by %, but still desiring for new markets Canatur (National Chamber of Tourism) announced the limited airport capacity as one of the obstacles for an increase.

Even though it is a small improvement, this 1% boost is powerful compared to the other countries in the region. For example, Chile, Ecuador, Argentina and Brazil suffered a loss in tourists.

Canatur argues that the capacity of the Jorge Chavez International Airport in Lima holds back a possible increase since four international airlines desire to set up new routes to Peru. (more…)

Awards for Peru: popularity continues to grow

Wednesday December 04, 2019

Awards for Peru: popularity continues to grow

Peru’s popularity among travellers from all over the world continues to grow.

Last week, Peru’s tourist highlight Machu Picchu and New World Wonder was chosen as top destination by AFAR in their list Best Destinations to go in 2020

Machu Picchu was listed on the sub-list Best UNESCO World Heritage Site, together with El Alhambra (Spain), Eastern Island (Chile) and Teotihuacán in Mexico and now ranks first as ‘top place to go’, thanks to more than 100,000 votes! (more…)

6 million Peruvians will benefit from natural gas by 2021

Wednesday December 04, 2019

6 million Peruvians will benefit from natural gas by 2021

The Peruvian Minister of Energy and Mines, Juan Carlos Liu, declared that 6 million Peruvians will benefit from the natural gas service for residential use by 2021.

“4 million Peruvians throughout the country already have the natural gas service. Our objective for 2021 is to provide this cheap gas service for 6 million citizens,” he declared.

Minister Liu and President Martin Vizcarra visited the Carabayllo district to attend the ceremony of natural gas connection for the 900.000th beneficiary (more…)

Sipan Museum receives almost 3 million visits since opening 2002

Wednesday December 04, 2019

Sipan Museum receives almost 3 million visits since opening 2002

Over 2.8 million of persons visited the National “Sipan Museum” since its opening in 2002. The Sipan Museum is the main tourist attraction of the Lambayeque region and Chiclayo and one of the most visited places in Peru after Machu Picchu.

Visitors are mainly surprised because of the funeral collection that includes jewels, headdresses, and ornaments made out of gold, silver, copper, and beautiful stones which decorate its leftovers inside the disclosed tomb, that was discovered intact in 1987. (more…)

Latin Grammy Award for Peru’s favorite singer: Eva Ayllon

Wednesday December 04, 2019

Latin Grammy Award for Peru’s favorite singer: Eva Ayllón

On Wednesday 13 November, the 20th release of the Latin Grammy Awards took place, together with the Latin Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences, which confers prices for greatness in music. One of the beneficiaries is the appreciated Peruvian singer Eva Ayllón.

Through her remarkable artistic meaning to Latin music all through her artistic progress, the admired Afro-Peruvian “Voice of Peru” obtained the award.

During an exclusive ceremony and inside lunch at Waldorf Astoria (more…)

Q’uma: Responsible Enterprise sells Peruvian Chocolate

Friday November 15, 2019

This chocolate convention assures a constructive living situation for its 120 direct female cultivators, in the middle of the Peruvian Andes. Uncover where to find your candy bar!

Cacao is known for its qualities that make people feel good, from fostering mood to bettering digestion. Thanks to Q’uma, a Peruvian chocolate business, consumers will feel even better.

The name Q’uma comes from the Aymaran word q’umara, (more…)

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