Thursday October 03, 2019

CNN in español recently published an article on the Nazca lines in Peru, showcasing their enigmatic ways and zoomorphic figures. The sumptuous archaeological site is located on Panamericana Sur Highway, approximately 400 kilometers south of Lima, the Peruvian capital. CNN offered suggestions for visitors, a brief history of the lines, as well as outlining the major theories of the Nazca line purpose. One example, the Lady of Nazca, portrayed the lines as enormous solar and lunar calendars.

The Nazca Lines are mysterious symbols (more…)

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Barranco: Lima’s coolest neighborhood

Friday September 27, 2019

The Barranco district of Lima, Peru has legitimate “cool” status. Time Out Magazine, based in England, has listed Barranco in the top 30 coolest neighborhoods. Time Out is a magazine that ranks countries in all different categories. From the most romantic cities, the best cocktails in the world, to the worlds wildest and cheapest party cities. Time Out does a lot of ranking, and Barranco has certainly caught their eye.


Efforts to save the burning Amazon Rainforest

Monday September 09, 2019

For three weeks, fires have been burning the Amazon rainforest. This poses serious consequences for the rest of the world as Amazon produces approximately 16% of the world’s oxygen. This crisis of the burning Amazon rainforest has sparked an international discussion and call for action, especially among Peru and Colombia. (more…)

Wheelchairs in Machu Picchu

Tuesday June 18, 2019

Wheel the World is taking over the world—in the best way possible. The Chilean company Wheel the World provides travel experiences for people with physical disabilities. They have tours packages in Easter Island, Oaxaca, Valparaiso, to name a few. Their next ground to conquer: Machu Picchu in Peru.

Tours to Machu Picchu are now open for physically disabled clients, thanks to Wheel the World’s efforts. They offer a six-day tour of Cusco and Machu Picchu. (more…)

July 2: Visible Solar Eclipse in Peru

Friday June 14, 2019

The last solar eclipse experienced in North America was on August 21, 2017. Are you ready? Because the next one is coming, and it will be visible in South America!

Tuesday, July 2, a solar eclipse will be visible from Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Ecuador, Argentina, Bolivia and in Peru! The eclipse is starting at 2:20 pm, local time in Peru.

There is a solar eclipse when the moon places itself between the sun and the earth and when it casts the shadow on the earth. (more…)

Peru still main producer of Quinoa

Thursday June 06, 2019

According to the Peruvian Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Edgar Vásquez, Peru is worldwide the main exporter of quinoa, and it will always be. Peru has yearly shipments exceeding 52 000 tons of Quinoa in total.

Peru now runs a big campaign to promote the export of Andean foods, such as kiwicha, maca and quinoa, all known as ‘superfoods’. Vásques explains that quinoa is the main actor in the campaign. Quinoa is extremely resilient to environmental stresses and highly nutritious. (more…)

First religious tour in Cusco!

Thursday June 06, 2019

The Imperial City of Cusco organised the first religious tourism tour, during the last two weeks of May, with more than 3000 tourists and locals participating. The tour included a visit to the amazing Cathedral Basilica and the City Hall Convention Center and furthermore certain academic and cultural events.

This special tour took place during the last two weeks in May because it is the Museum Month in Cusco. Tourists, Peruvian families and even local families wanted to learn more (more…)

Tourists can no longer enter salt mines Cusco

Thursday June 06, 2019

From Saturday, June 15, 2019, on, it will be prohibited to enter the salt mines of Maras (Cusco) for all domestic and foreign tourists. The salt mines of Maras are situated in the province of Urubamba, in Cusco, at an hour and a half by bus from Cusco. The beautiful site is part of the tourist circuit for visitors of the Sacred Valley of the Incas and has become increasingly popular during the last five years. (more…)

More details about first Peruvian empire thanks to Wari ceramics

Monday May 20, 2019

The archaeological complex of Wari, located in Ayacucho, consists of a set of ceramic pieces. The complex is situated 25km northeast of Andean Ayacucho City. The set reveals important information about the first imperial state of Peru, the Wari civilization. This start was the basis of the development of the Inca Empire. Furthermore, the site is believed to be the capital of the complex. (more…)

Climbing world’s largest tropical ice cap in Cusco

Monday May 20, 2019

A Peruvian-French Expedition made its way to the largest tropical ice cap of the world, located in Peru. The ice cap covers 44 square kilometres and is called Quelccaya; it can be found in the southwest of the Vilcanota mountain range in the Cusco region. The reason for the expedition to the ice cap is to search for evidence of life in the glacier.

The team consist of the French photojournalist, writer and mountaineer Stephane Vallin who is the leader of the team, Mathias Virili who is also a journalist, and Emanuel Rocha and Dominique Riva (more…)

Soon direct flights Sao Paulo Lima with GOL

Monday May 20, 2019

On December 12, the Brazilian airline, GOL Líneas Aéreas Inteligentes, will expand their international destinations. They will start flying the international route from Sao Paulo to the Peruvian capital, Lima. This route is going to be the fifteenth international destination outside Brazil.

The flight from Sao Paulo to Lima takes approximately 5 hours 20 minutes. Travelers can now leave at 20:55 in Sao Paulo and arrive in Lima at 0:15. The flight will be operated with a Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft. (more…)

New Guinness Record Peruvian Pisco

Monday May 20, 2019

Pisco, the national drink of Peru, took part in the Guinness Book of Records on Sunday 28 of April for the largest pisco tasting in the world. 899 participants tasted three types of the famous pisco in one single sip: Quebrante, Torontel and Italia.

Pisco is a brand, made by distilling fermented grape juice into a high-proof spirit. The event was named “Biggest pisco tasting in the world” and was held in the San Luis Gonzaga educational institution, in the small town of Ica, located on the Peruvian coast, south of Lima. (more…)

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