Monday February 04, 2019

Avoid the Cusco – Santa Teresa Route for travelling to Machu Picchu

The Management of Exterior Commercial and Tourism (Dircetur) put out a notice that tourists should not use the Cusco Santa Maria route by bus to get to Machu Picchu during the present rainy season. The recent accidents and situations have put the lives of those visiting Cusco in danger.

“We understand that you want to get to Machu Picchu and one of the options is through the Cusco – Santa Maria – Santa Teresa; however, in the rainy season (December – March) this route is not safe. (more…)

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Peru nominated for Travel Awards

Friday June 26, 2015

Peru has been nominated by the World Travel Award 2015 for seven categories: Best Adventure Tourism Destination, Best Culinary Destination, Best Green Destination, Best Cultural Destination, and Best Beach Destination, among others in the past Peru has won awards before such as best Culinary Destination of South America and others.

The World Travel Awards 2015 has nominated Peru for 7 awards within the South America category for this year’s event. Peru’s official tourist tourism board has made a post on social media: Get to know the nominations and support with your vote”. (more…)

Machu Picchu is 2015’s travel destination according to National Geographic

Friday November 07, 2014

National Geographic has chosen Machu Picchu, Peru’s most famous World Heritage Site, as the travel destination for 2015. A positive advertisement with nice words, interesting information and wonderful pictures was published in the National Geographic magazine to promote the Inca ruins to its subscribers.

The promotion of Machu Picchu will also reach thousands of people through their newsletter. This newsletter includes a slideshow with 21 beautiful pictures of the natural wonder of Peru: Machu Picchu. (more…)

More than 15,000 visitors will come to the Ballestas Islands for Holy Week

Tuesday April 01, 2014

When travelling to Peru, one of the great places to visit is the Ballestas Islands covered with sea lions and birds. It is located four hours away from Lima in the southern region of Ica. According to Andina news, the Islands and Paracas National Reserve, which helps to protect and preserve lives of endangered species, are to have over 15,000 visitors for Holy Week. In order to prepare for the mass amount of people coming, The National Service of Protected Areas by the State is working to increase the security of the tourists by improving surveillance. Also, they hope to increase the number of bathrooms to accommodate all of the visitors. (more…)

New luxury cruise trips on Peru’s Amazon River

Friday February 28, 2014

According to Gina Guerrero , the regional director of Foreign Trade and Tourism, new luxury cruise ships will sail the Peruvian part of the Amazon River among a strong development of the luxury tourism in the jungle region of Loreto.

She explains that more foreign tourists are visiting the region after the Amazon River and Rainforest were selected as one of the seven new Wonders of Nature in 2012.

The tourist official declares that two companies are delivering new cruise ships to sail the Amazon River (more…)

Peru promotes Northern Amazonian Route

Friday February 21, 2014

Representatives of the regional chambers of tourism and business associations came together in the Northern Peruvian city Cajamarca to discuss the promotion of the Northern Amazonian Route to a major tourist spot.

They decided to do research for potential markets, work out a marketing plan, attract investors and increase the tourism safety.

During the campaign they will emphasize the historical and cultural heritage of the towns on this route, that crosses the regions of Lambayeque (more…)

Top nine exciting adventures to do in Peru

Wednesday January 29, 2014

Peru is a South American wonder that offers desert, jungle, beach, and mountains in equal servings to the adventurous traveler, according to travel writer Alexandra Baackes.

So whether you’re hoping to kayak across the world’s highest navigable lake, Titicaca, or climb through the rainforest canopy at the most remote jungle lodge, Peru is the destination for you,”, she says.

Presented as a slideshow, the range of activities on offer in Peru is amazing (more…)

Will the Colca Valley be an UNESCO Global Geopark?

Wednesday January 15, 2014

Peruvian authorities have announced they will ask UNESCO to add the Colca Valley (Arequipa) to its Global Geoparks Network, in order to stimulating travel and tourism to this part of Peru.

The Colca Valley boasts a number of important geological sites and the deep and amazing Colca Canyon attracts many Earth-based scientists – next to many tourists.

The mayor of Arequipa’s Caylloma province, Caceres, us also head of the Colca Autonomous Authority or Autocolca and he confirmed that this office will prepare a formal request to the UNESCO. (more…)

New campaign in Peru to promote Paracas National Reserve

Wednesday January 08, 2014

Peru has just launched a tourism campaign to attract more than 30,000 visitors to the Paracas National Reserve this summer.

Established in 1975, the Paracas National Reserve is a four-hour drive south of the Peruvian capital Lima, in the province of Pisco in Ica department and it is home to one of the largest sea-lion colonies in the world.

You can also see numerous birds, including pink flamingo on the Peruvian coastline.
The coastal desert area around the reserve was the home of the pre-Inca Paracas culture (more…)

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