Careful with Carnaval!

Careful with Carnaval!
Tuesday February 09, 2016
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Carnaval is probably the only festival on earth where it is acceptable to launch water balloons at random strangers and spray them mercilessly with shaving cream.

This type of behavior can be found in numerous places around Peru, such as Cajamarca, Huaraz, Iquitos, Cusco and Puno during the month of February as Peruvians celebrate Carnaval with all sorts of festivities.

In the past, water balloons have been prohibited by authorities during Carnaval. However, people seem to ignore such prohibitions and continue to use the water bombs as ammunition. This year, a district of Lima, El Agustino, has initiated a campaign for a ´Safe Carnaval.´ People who use prohibited items without the consent of their victims will be immediately fined up to S/.150.

So, participants in Carnaval, especially participants in El Agustino, best take care of who they chose as their victims and what kind of ammunition they choose to use. Patrol cars will be making rounds to facilitate safer Carnaval festivities throughout the month of February.

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