Can llamas protest? You better believe it!

Can llamas protest? You better believe it!
Tuesday January 24, 2017
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Over the past days, many protests have occurred in the United States in defiance of the newly inaugurated president, Donald Trump.

Although it might seem like protests can only be attended by people, a few native Peruvian alpacas and llamas showed otherwise!

Ethan Abbott, owner of the animals, brought these attendees to Washington DC to promote the importance of farming and food. In addition, he also asserted that the alpacas and llamas really enjoyed the marching.

Furthermore, one buzzfeed reporter tweeted his surprise and respect of Abbott´s dedication: ´´This dude brought his llama to the inauguration via the subway and it´s making my day.´´

The animals, named Thaddeus, Shay, and Tragically Cute, surely made a statement at the movement against the new US president´s position.

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